Optimizing Social | Promoting Events

My take on twitter event marketing:

The key to twitter is networking the right crowd.

We must realize a very important point regarding the twitter platform, these are real-time conversations, 70% of which are happening on a mobile device.

Your job as the “Twitter Jockey” :

Is to find the right people to tweet with, which means you need to either track keywords, social groups or locations, all very simple to do, the more you do it the better it will become.

The first question we need to know is: Do we want to have engagement with these guests in the future?.

If your having an annual event and won’t be engaging with that particular demographic on a daily basis. Then you are only ‘marketing‘ to this group and must remain polite and again tweet the right sort.

If we are going to remain and continue to further our business with this demographic, then we must also plan for the future. Which is to say, that we have a job to do and that is to promote the event, however we can approach our ‘guest’ in an elegant way, very similar to a networking event.

We find the target market, are they: doctors, lawyers, fireman ??

What would our target be saying, are they speaking of: fashion, automobiles, or art ?

How would they be speaking, what ‘specific keywords’ are they using: martini, downtown, happy hour ?

What social group is our target ?

What would this social group have in common that we could target, keyword wise?

Are they using @Foursquare and “checking-in” to area or event location regularly?

Can we track tweets regarding that location ?

Once we have track our ‘guests‘ via twitter we must ‘join the conversation‘, if your brand matches the social group perfectly, then just politely entering into the topic, tweeting them, responding to them, ‘breaking-the-ice’ so to speak, invite them to your event, as would anyone in real life.

If your having the ‘annual affair‘ as we mentioned earlier, then you must also find your ‘social group’, create a ‘solid, to the point tweet’ and with a non-engagement account, a secondary, but cool twitter account, send tweets specifically to that demographic, it will be treated just like any email invite would, they will not consider it ‘spam‘ as long as it matches who they are and what they are speaking about!

**TIP: If your just sending invites and do not need to create engagement or new followers, on the twitter account, keep a “Relevant” news feed on at a fast pace, this way, if anyone checks the account and/or past engagement of the account, it doesn’t show the same topic of tweets.

**TIP: Every 20 tweets or so, change the style, but keep the message.

I manage my ‘primary’ account (@SocialMedia305) and w/ a secondary, but similar account (@OptimizedSocial) I market events when needed, this is a small way to show respect to my followers, while also, be able to communication one message, topic, event, etc.

Wishing you success on twitter!

Contact: 305-710-2273 or John@SocialMedia305.com for assistance and/or service!

This is a hands on class, computers provided & strategies created.
  • Generating qualified leads to use immediately.
  • Strategies taught and implemented; you will leave w/ fresh leads.
  • This is “hands on” & “specific to your business”.
  • We will have a questionaire that must be filled out prior to the course.
  • You will receive TWO private BETA invites for searching that we will use.
  • We will work on content, responding, searching & approaching a customer
  • YOU will be tweeting live for your business, we will find your customer LIVE.

We also take it a step further by actually showing you how to find clients speaking about your service on these networks, as well as showing you how to optimize your search and time looking for customers.

This is NOT a general social media class, this is “Optimizing” the platforms.

Following are some key metrics from some of the top Social Media platforms.

GotQuestions?             305-710-2273

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