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Our Simple & Effective Plan:

*Create: Conversation using Social Media expand that conversation on radio.

*Focus: Classy Smart Exciting people, places and things in Miami.

*Leverage: Social Media Connections with Broadcast Radio.


The Optimized Social Hour: #305LIVE!

• Segment Sponsorship
• Commercial Time
• Social Media Relations Support
• Guest & Brand Interviews
• Email Logo Placements
• Customizable Plans for Events and Promotions

305 LIVE on 880AM

Listeners are active and sophisticated investors constantly seeking information about the best ways to increase and become diverse with their investments and Spending.

Further,  SocialMedia305 advertisers have the best opportunity to reach potential customers at a time when they are focused about their money. Features interactive talk shows on money, investing, real estate, Public Relations, legal news & advice, retirement planning, personal finance and other relevant financial topics.


In addition to these topical subjects and to further aid our listeners with current events such as economic, business and market news. Market updates are provided as the trends and themes that emerge in the trading day. The best and brightest guests offer insights that are deeper than the headlines offer and allow us to represent your brand at a peak time for knowledge and customer engagement ON-AIR & ON-LINE.

#305LIVE Tweet Reach

  1. Listeners109,000 listeners every 15 minutes for 5 minutes (this is how radio is measured),
  2. Accounts 27,000 social media accounts
  3. Impressions – 180,000 on-line

Adding to above: social media conversations (5 day week), LIVE tweeting of the show, Audio Blogging via soundcloud & wordpress, SEO capabilities of digital marketing with the content, tagging, keywording and additional digital platforms.

THREE of the most powerful forms of communication available: for our past episodes and segments our online conversational presence


My Twitter journey and a few important rules I started with:

  • Didn’t use any kind of Twitter “bot” to grow my following
  • Connected with people who are close to me ~ Miami! (#LetsGoHeat!)
  • Plus I didn’t want to spam my followers. I only wanted to have FUN & speak about relevant things.

So this is simply what I did:

  1. On a daily basis, I searched Twitter for people speaking about local things that I had knowledge about and ‘talked to them’.
  2. Every day at regular intervals throughout the day I Tweeted my thoughts and plans eloquently.

You can search Twitter using or you can search from twitter and use Hashtags (#) like that “LetsGoHeat” above ~ Basically, If someone wants to tag a tweet they can type # and the word.I tried to stay smart & funny, OK… maybe at-least “witty” and then they might follow me back! That is how I grew a relevant and valuable following; located in Miami; And they are SUPER-COOL!! Once you have a follower, then two, then three, etc, etc,

You’ll need to NOT annoy them!

Just like anyone else in Real-Time; it’s very important to remember that they are REAL people; with goals and a schedule; They are not some techie that hasn’t left the house in a year!You have the opportunity to text message (tweet) with some of the coolest and smartest people in the world ~ So you need to stay cool too! Otherwise they will unfollow (forget) you & tell a few people why, so whether you are just chatting about the local sports team or you’re looking for customers and clients; be REAL and stay relevant with-out saying the same thing all day!!

Here’s a few ideas to guide you:

  • Tweet something funny or informational that you think of yourself ~ Obviously!
  • Tweet a link to something funny or informational that you found
  • Tweet a link to something funny or informational that someone else created and give them the credit
  • If your using twitter for a blog or business; give people NEW reasons to work with you or read your content.
  • People are smart; You don’t need to remind them 117 times that you have a blog;
  • If you do ~ They will tell 117 people that you’re a twitter idiot!

So, every day, first thing in the morning you might like to share SOME of your favorite new websites. Or MAYBE ask some people How they are doing today ???

Be Real GO to Events ..

My following has been growing with quality people who are now becoming quality friends and I am creating these new friendships with folks who are into many different aspects of life then I, which is great for learning about this city; The people; and a whole host of new industries! All the benefits that I’ve seen over this past year have not  come by using twitter for a few minutes a day, but you don’t need to tweet for 5 hours either!!

  • In the morning, Find out whats going on & respond to the conversations!
  • Tweet some new info; Even if it’s just general banter; Make it something worthy to share
  • Search twitter for new conversations by ‘searching’ what you would like to talk about!
  • Answer people that send you Tweets ~ promptly!!!

At first glance the value of Twitter might not be so   apparent. It can seem like a waste of time and unproductive. However, The investment I made during the past year has returned huge benefits – helping me meet awesome people LOCALLY & GLOBALLY to grow business – So put some time in and have some fun…Be Real!

Mobile: 305.710.2273




@SocialMedia305  +21,000 tweets another 15,000+ via client accounts. lot’s to talk about! We have reviewed and managed many twitter accounts, all have the opportunity to create active followings with excellent follower engagement …

Everybody has a fan :0)

How we differ than most social media marketing companies, We provide our clients w/ a targeted twitter strategy tracking conversations, specific Bio’s, social groups, and location based ‘check-ins’ (LBS).  An example would be to target: journalists, bloggers, high-end guest locations, and anyone speaking of our topic or demographic. We are available at anytime to discuss a detailed approach specifically for your brand and can be reached: 305-710-2273 |

Kindest regards,

John Peter … @SocialMedia305

Professional profile:

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