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If #Twitter censors tweets country by country, they’ll be fine w/ state by state one day?

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If twitter will bow down to a government overseas and censor the tweets of their citizens on a country by country basis, then I would believe, eventually, they’ll be fine with a more local censorship, state by state, town by town?

Twitter said it will post a censorship notice whenever a tweet is removed. (SOPA?)

Let’s take the bible belt, if 90% of parents & clergy want to “protect their beliefs” and request that twitter block the tweets of the small percentage of those that do not believe, Twitter has already proven that it can and will do this.

What happens if a president is under attack by those who want him out of office? Will twitter then block the tweets in America and allow the tweets in Britain?

Better yet, a school board chooses to block the tweets of a Rock & Roll band that they feel presents the opportunity to corrupt the young students in their local neighbor hoods? Does twitter bow down and agree?

The Chinese government decides to limit the amount of anti-Chinese sentiment that Americans are speaking about, due to jobs being outsourced overseas … Does twitter agree?

We are about to test the constitution in a manner never before seen, Big Business, Governments and the people they represent all have a voice and twitter controls it’s reach …

Powerful to say the least … one more question I have … a company or even a government chooses to sponsor ads and pay millions to do it, however the ad does not represent the best interests of the American people, does Twitter allow or censor the tweets?

Love to hear your thoughts …

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Twitter users bite back: The #Bashtag.

This is actually a great story for brands and marketers to take into account when making the decision to launch a twitter campaign, we know that in the beginning brands that took advantage of the twitter platform were highly rewarded and with-out asking, created brand ambassadors that would spread the word and create events supporting the brand, the reason being, the brand was one of them.

McDonald’s took out a sponsored #Hashtag and twitter users beat them up so bad, they had it removed with-in two hours …

In today’s marketing environment and through the use of social media, brands are using the platforms, however, they are not one of them anymore.

You see twitter is a platform that starts locally, it is completely based on actual conversations and relationships. For a brand such as McDonald’s or Walgreen’s to purchase ‘Hashtag‘ time and promote their brand to those that aren’t following them is like attending a party that you know you were not invited to too!

Today’s national and powerful brands are about to learn a very powerful lesson, the #Bashtag. (cc. @kashhill | Kashmir Hill at Forbes)

McDonald’s paid hashtag marketing efforts lasted two hours, Walgreen’s didn’t have to much luck either, but it wasn’t as bad as what we saw this week with the #McDstories & #MeettheFarmers

Very simply put, followers become friends and friends fight for their own. The #meetthefarmers hashtag was hijacked to a degree, with some farmers like @MassaOrganics condeming McDonalds.

I would recommend, as always, join the conversation, not push the information, this will result in true fans, followers and friends. It is in this manner that the major brands will find the performance they expect on the twitter platform.

Original article:

When Twitter bites back: Hashtag hijacking trending among disgruntled tweeters.

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Swimming along perfectly, Thanks!

This week started Monday last at 4:43 in the A.M. and still continues now, Saturday, 00:11 A.M.


I have approximately 18 new & REAL LinkedIn connections this week, This resulted in TWO proposal requests for services. This strategy works. I’m looking forward to SHARING!

Why it worked so well ? Because of the “non-sales call” of course!

A few reasons why people have successes in social media is a genuine desire for the topic being discussed. We are speaking to those who already have an interest in OUR topic! After we’ve made contact, created some solid connections ( could be days/weeks ) then we invite this new social media connection from LinkedIn or twitter or your particular community page, either way, direct that conversation to a real-time skype chat or video service of sorts, even a local coffee shop if you can. At the least, you must have already driven the website traffic. (Again, this is local traffic today).

This point we can begin to develop a relationship, A FIRST CLOSE which leads to sales, services, or quite possibly an immediate referral.

These “non-sales calls are the sales calls”.

I personally have been focused locally through 2011 and have had great success and lots of fun! However 2009/10 I also had a valued trust built on FB with hundreds (000’s) of peers, that at-the-least developed into 10-12% direct unsolicited emails from facebook users alone. I had become the “influencer” of my network. This strategy continues to work in all aspects of my life. Work hard, be smart, see results. Our goal working with any client is always to provide value, clients who aren’t happy don’t stay clients. Bad for Business.

My goal today is to support YOUR “social media straight line to sales”.
Educating YOU on the real conversations that are taking place everyday on many different platforms. It works. That’s why your reading this. It just worked. Thank you.


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The Key for me, Thank you!.

So this is simply what I did, If you’d like to know:

On a daily basis, I search Twitter for people speaking about local things and follow them. Every day at regular intervals throughout the day I tweeted my thoughts and plans.

I found the best way to search for people is by using just one word; So I started using “publix” then I used “dadeland” This way I could be sure that 80% of my search results were located “someplace” in Florida.

So, on a daily basis I searched twitter using those keywords and many more that are similar, once I found people that ‘looked’ interesting I followed them. I tried to stay smart & funny, OK… maybe at-least “witty” and then they might follow me back. That is how I grew a relevant and valuable following; located in Miami; And they are very cool &b highly educated. Once you have a follower, then two, then three, etc, etc.

You’ll need to NOT annoy them, Just like anyone else in Real-Time; it’s very important to remember that they are REAL people; with goals and a schedule; They are not some techie that hasn’t left the house in a year, even he deserves some marketing respect. You have the opportunity to text message (tweet) with some of the coolest and smartest people in the world ~ So you need to stay cool too!

Otherwise they will unfollow (forget) you & tell a few people why, so whether you are just chatting about the local sports team or you’re looking for customers and clients; be REAL and stay relevant with-out saying the same thing all day, Here’s a few ideas to guide you:

Tweet something funny or informational that you think of yourself ~ Obviously!
Tweet a link to something funny or informational that you found
Tweet a link to something funny or informational that someone else created and give them the credit
If your using twitter for a blog or business; give people NEW reasons to work with you or read your content.
People are smart; You don’t need to remind them 117 times that you have a blog;
If you do ~ They will tell 117 people that you’re a twitter idiot!

Every day, first thing in the morning you might like to share a few of your favorite new websites Or directly ask some people how they are doing today. Be Real. My following has been growing with quality people who are now becoming quality friends and I am creating these new friendships with folks who are into many different aspects of life, which is great for learning about a city, the people, clients and a whole host of new industries.

All the benefits that I’ve seen over this past year have not come by using twitter for a few minutes a day, but you don’t need to tweet for 5 hours either, Here’s some Twitter tips:

In the morning, Find out whats going on & respond to the conversations.
Tweet some new info; even if it’s just general banter; make sure it’s something worthy to share.
Search twitter for new conversations by ‘searching’ what you would like to talk about.
Answer people that send you Tweets, as promptly as you can, check you messages regularly.

At first glance the value of Twitter might not be so apparent. It can seem like a confusing waste of time and unproductive, but if you “communicate” with it. It’s the most powerful telephone ever.
The investment I made during the past year has returned huge benefits – helping me meet awesome people LOCALLY & GLOBALLY to grow business – So put some time in and have some fun…Be Real!

This was an older original post re-posted … john@socialmedia305.com

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enjoyment | earnings | power | value

About me:

I am a sales professional. A communicator.

I also love creating projects and being involved in hands on work ..

I started in financial sales and worked on Wall street for +10 years.

Today, I associate within the art and social media community in Miami & NYC.

Twitter is my telephone,

My art is verbal, most days witty and attractive.

My social life and my interactions prove it.

I would like to work with you.

Are you optimizing social media for your business …

Are you really optimizing it ??

The ones that do are increasing their lead base which in turn increases their customer base.

Leading to more interactions with buyers and future clients

I am offering a solid strategy that will enable you the ability control your own social media presence, report and respond on your own time, and in your own words & at your own leisure … without hours of work.

 Contact me to learn more about me: 305.710.2273



Build, expand and create your network . 

Conversation revolves around your work … Not your social media skills!

Our strength is on Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube,  we of course work on the best place for you brand.

We are expanding our network …  EVERYDAY!

My focus:

We have an online ecosystems that get’s “leads” everyday.

This is why we are in social media to begin with … we see the power of communication.

We have also learned by trial and error that to hire a person to speak for you is impossible.

You must keep it real and organic,

We are sharing your content w/ our ever expanding pages and sending the online traffic to you …

My solution:

Provides an amazingly powerful social media presence. 

Half the cost.

Less time.

 I believe this is the sweet spot that provides ROI:

 enjoyment | earnings | power | value

I would love the opportunity to invite you for a coffee and explain our pricing and strategy in detail.

Call John Mahoney: 305-710-2273 ::OR email::  john@socialmedia305.com

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