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Swimming along perfectly, Thanks!

This week started Monday last at 4:43 in the A.M. and still continues now, Saturday, 00:11 A.M.


I have approximately 18 new & REAL LinkedIn connections this week, This resulted in TWO proposal requests for services. This strategy works. I’m looking forward to SHARING!

Why it worked so well ? Because of the “non-sales call” of course!

A few reasons why people have successes in social media is a genuine desire for the topic being discussed. We are speaking to those who already have an interest in OUR topic! After we’ve made contact, created some solid connections ( could be days/weeks ) then we invite this new social media connection from LinkedIn or twitter or your particular community page, either way, direct that conversation to a real-time skype chat or video service of sorts, even a local coffee shop if you can. At the least, you must have already driven the website traffic. (Again, this is local traffic today).

This point we can begin to develop a relationship, A FIRST CLOSE which leads to sales, services, or quite possibly an immediate referral.

These “non-sales calls are the sales calls”.

I personally have been focused locally through 2011 and have had great success and lots of fun! However 2009/10 I also had a valued trust built on FB with hundreds (000’s) of peers, that at-the-least developed into 10-12% direct unsolicited emails from facebook users alone. I had become the “influencer” of my network. This strategy continues to work in all aspects of my life. Work hard, be smart, see results. Our goal working with any client is always to provide value, clients who aren’t happy don’t stay clients. Bad for Business.

My goal today is to support YOUR “social media straight line to sales”.
Educating YOU on the real conversations that are taking place everyday on many different platforms. It works. That’s why your reading this. It just worked. Thank you.


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