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Search, Optimize, and Converse for Social Media Success!

Social Media is all about building relationships, making your brand human and more personal.

As Jay Baer puts it,
“Social media allows big companies to act small again.”

This very concept is how SocialMedia305 came about.
It’s a triumphant story of a company created 100% by accident.

The Glorious Accident that is SocialMedia305

Originally started as a Financial Content Company, SocialMedia305 began “testing” Twitter in Miami. CEO John Mahoney discovered that, with some ninja Wall Street sales techniques and a Public Relations approach, he could grow a massive Twitter following in record time.

John got to work introducing as many people to each other through social media as possible. SocialMedia305 continues that vision, promoting local events, producing local events, and consulting with brands.

Social Media is about conversations,
“Look at social media as a telephone with a built in phone book!” ~John Mahoney

Social Media Marketing is powerful, because you have access to converse with so many people!

And not just converse, but engage, learn, and expand! Remember conversations are a two-way street of give and take.

Does having a “conversation” truly produce results?
Check this out:

Social Relations

Talk about massive exposure!
People are so over inauthentic advertising. Building online communities is the way to turn your marketing and brand around.

Reaching out to your social media networks starts with the look of your page.

  • Optimize those profiles and make it easy for people to see who you are and what you’re about.

Next, it’s time to GROW!

  • Who is your target audience? Search for your keywords, follow others in your field, connect and engage.

Prioritize and Organize

  • Once you have your fans, followers, and contacts, you will need a way to organize and avoid the chaos.

Sites like Simplist can help you create awesome lists from your keywords and organize your contacts into categories that make sense. This will keep you organized and on top of your social media game.

Need help getting started and growing your networks?

SocialMeida305 knows the ropes and is here to help!

Be smart and leave a comment letting the SocialMedia305 community know how YOU master social media!

Tweet @getSimplist and @SocialMedia305

By Lori Hil on behalf of SocialMedia305

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If #Twitter censors tweets country by country, they’ll be fine w/ state by state one day?

Articles: Teens turn to twitter | Twitter sells us out

If twitter will bow down to a government overseas and censor the tweets of their citizens on a country by country basis, then I would believe, eventually, they’ll be fine with a more local censorship, state by state, town by town?

Twitter said it will post a censorship notice whenever a tweet is removed. (SOPA?)

Let’s take the bible belt, if 90% of parents & clergy want to “protect their beliefs” and request that twitter block the tweets of the small percentage of those that do not believe, Twitter has already proven that it can and will do this.

What happens if a president is under attack by those who want him out of office? Will twitter then block the tweets in America and allow the tweets in Britain?

Better yet, a school board chooses to block the tweets of a Rock & Roll band that they feel presents the opportunity to corrupt the young students in their local neighbor hoods? Does twitter bow down and agree?

The Chinese government decides to limit the amount of anti-Chinese sentiment that Americans are speaking about, due to jobs being outsourced overseas … Does twitter agree?

We are about to test the constitution in a manner never before seen, Big Business, Governments and the people they represent all have a voice and twitter controls it’s reach …

Powerful to say the least … one more question I have … a company or even a government chooses to sponsor ads and pay millions to do it, however the ad does not represent the best interests of the American people, does Twitter allow or censor the tweets?

Love to hear your thoughts …

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