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The Straight Line. Revisited.

My experience in financial sales applied to social media marketing using Twitter & LinkedIn are the most powerful talents I have … My businesses have only performed in correlation to the amount of qualified leads I had. We called this the “Straight-Line” Sales method. Today having the ability to create a qualified lead via mobile communications creates a powerful prospect for our services, which we offer to you always.

Remember the days using an Instant Messenger, AOL / Yahoo ?

These were direct communication tools . They were powerful but had yet to be taken advantage of fully, due to the demographics of the users. Granted, ad-bots had a field day and I was personally using it to meet the ladies, half of which, lived thousands of miles away.

However, I never considered recommending financial advice with them.

Then came Myspace.

An amazing tool that enabled me to created a ‘local’ presence for local marketing and a complete bio of my target audience a searchable audience, at least for the ladies. Next, Facebook came along, I created a true personal presence, at first old friends, far away friends, all-in-all a presence for those that mean the most to me.

It wasn’t until 2008, that I applied a professional methodology to Facebook. Using the groups feature – just like LinkedIn. I was able to contact professional traders and those that needed/wanted/begged for additional ‘inside’ knowledge on the movements in the markets. Here is when my first ‘social media’ marketing plan came together. After that, it was off to the races. With-in nine months, I had thousands, yes thousands, of people and managed two personas: one personal and one business.

Twitter was platform at the time that I never even considered, it wasn’t until I read Gary Vee’s book “Crush It” (http://crushitbook.com) that I realized the “local” communication power of the platform. Now today it is my life, Twitter still has less users than Facebook, however, Twitter is becoming the platform to use for business. I personally believe Facebook is an amazing platform. Facebook will not become a Myspace. (Myspace BTW should focus only on music, but I digress).

Just so you know, Mashable reports there are 8,900 tweets per second.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter gives people direct access to each other and taking place on mobile phones. The key to accessing all these users and to actually gain traction is to join in on conversations that are taking place regarding your particular topic. (Why follow Oprah first?)

For iPhone users, a Twitter account is coming your way shortly. The 200 million plus people who own iPhones, will be enticed to share via Twitter, especially, if they have a habit of commonly posting their daily activity IRL. In real life!

Working from a smart phone on twitter is exactly like sending a text message.

The iOS 5 software, released early October, includes Twitter integration. After taking a picture, listening to music or even using any of the iPhone features, a Twitter button is ready to be tapped for instant connection. Most Importantly, with Apple endorsing Twitter, there is no doubt that Twitter’s popularity will dramatically increase.

Have you realized the power of tracking the activity of voters with twitter ?

For businesses, posting content everyday, liking comments, networking profiles will become a chore, just like writing SEO related content. It will become work. While Twitter will become a global networking event, add in LinkedIn profiles, and we have just created a “Qualified Lead”.

This is where we specialize, creating “Qualified Leads” via Twitter & LinkedIn.

As long as we contact the right people at the right time, we are welcomed into conversations with open arms. We are providing the info consumers are requesting during their own social media use. I believe we have an opportunity to generate the “viewers” we are looking for and not suffer from “social media burn-out” amusing the crowd . Which I can speak of first hand!

Cc. @SocialMedia305

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enjoyment | earnings | power | value

About me:

I am a sales professional. A communicator.

I also love creating projects and being involved in hands on work ..

I started in financial sales and worked on Wall street for +10 years.

Today, I associate within the art and social media community in Miami & NYC.

Twitter is my telephone,

My art is verbal, most days witty and attractive.

My social life and my interactions prove it.

I would like to work with you.

Are you optimizing social media for your business …

Are you really optimizing it ??

The ones that do are increasing their lead base which in turn increases their customer base.

Leading to more interactions with buyers and future clients

I am offering a solid strategy that will enable you the ability control your own social media presence, report and respond on your own time, and in your own words & at your own leisure … without hours of work.

 Contact me to learn more about me: 305.710.2273



Build, expand and create your network . 

Conversation revolves around your work … Not your social media skills!

Our strength is on Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube,  we of course work on the best place for you brand.

We are expanding our network …  EVERYDAY!

My focus:

We have an online ecosystems that get’s “leads” everyday.

This is why we are in social media to begin with … we see the power of communication.

We have also learned by trial and error that to hire a person to speak for you is impossible.

You must keep it real and organic,

We are sharing your content w/ our ever expanding pages and sending the online traffic to you …

My solution:

Provides an amazingly powerful social media presence. 

Half the cost.

Less time.

 I believe this is the sweet spot that provides ROI:

 enjoyment | earnings | power | value

I would love the opportunity to invite you for a coffee and explain our pricing and strategy in detail.

Call John Mahoney: 305-710-2273 ::OR email::  john@socialmedia305.com

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