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Twitter users bite back: The #Bashtag.

This is actually a great story for brands and marketers to take into account when making the decision to launch a twitter campaign, we know that in the beginning brands that took advantage of the twitter platform were highly rewarded and with-out asking, created brand ambassadors that would spread the word and create events supporting the brand, the reason being, the brand was one of them.

McDonald’s took out a sponsored #Hashtag and twitter users beat them up so bad, they had it removed with-in two hours …

In today’s marketing environment and through the use of social media, brands are using the platforms, however, they are not one of them anymore.

You see twitter is a platform that starts locally, it is completely based on actual conversations and relationships. For a brand such as McDonald’s or Walgreen’s to purchase ‘Hashtag‘ time and promote their brand to those that aren’t following them is like attending a party that you know you were not invited to too!

Today’s national and powerful brands are about to learn a very powerful lesson, the #Bashtag. (cc. @kashhill | Kashmir Hill at Forbes)

McDonald’s paid hashtag marketing efforts lasted two hours, Walgreen’s didn’t have to much luck either, but it wasn’t as bad as what we saw this week with the #McDstories & #MeettheFarmers

Very simply put, followers become friends and friends fight for their own. The #meetthefarmers hashtag was hijacked to a degree, with some farmers like @MassaOrganics condeming McDonalds.

I would recommend, as always, join the conversation, not push the information, this will result in true fans, followers and friends. It is in this manner that the major brands will find the performance they expect on the twitter platform.

Original article:

When Twitter bites back: Hashtag hijacking trending among disgruntled tweeters.

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