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enjoyment | earnings | power | value

About me:

I am a sales professional. A communicator.

I also love creating projects and being involved in hands on work ..

I started in financial sales and worked on Wall street for +10 years.

Today, I associate within the art and social media community in Miami & NYC.

Twitter is my telephone,

My art is verbal, most days witty and attractive.

My social life and my interactions prove it.

I would like to work with you.

Are you optimizing social media for your business …

Are you really optimizing it ??

The ones that do are increasing their lead base which in turn increases their customer base.

Leading to more interactions with buyers and future clients

I am offering a solid strategy that will enable you the ability control your own social media presence, report and respond on your own time, and in your own words & at your own leisure … without hours of work.

 Contact me to learn more about me: 305.710.2273



Build, expand and create your network . 

Conversation revolves around your work … Not your social media skills!

Our strength is on Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube,  we of course work on the best place for you brand.

We are expanding our network …  EVERYDAY!

My focus:

We have an online ecosystems that get’s “leads” everyday.

This is why we are in social media to begin with … we see the power of communication.

We have also learned by trial and error that to hire a person to speak for you is impossible.

You must keep it real and organic,

We are sharing your content w/ our ever expanding pages and sending the online traffic to you …

My solution:

Provides an amazingly powerful social media presence. 

Half the cost.

Less time.

 I believe this is the sweet spot that provides ROI:

 enjoyment | earnings | power | value

I would love the opportunity to invite you for a coffee and explain our pricing and strategy in detail.

Call John Mahoney: 305-710-2273 ::OR email::  john@socialmedia305.com

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