Optimized Social Media

Lot’s of people speak about social media, Is it working for you today? 

It does for me. Quite often.

Not mass-marketing. ~ Creating qualified leads ~ a BIG difference. 

I’m speaking about optimizing your social media, increasing special project based services, group class packages for employees.The strategic lead generation strategies for professional social media use applied to your direct marketing & networking work.

These are real strategies, NOT some ‘how-to ‘ or ‘click my product link ‘  The platforms you already know about, the search and approach, you don’t. They are second to none. They’re worth their weight in Gold. It’s actually very simple. When you take certain social media platforms & use them as ‘communication tools’, we create the lead generating factory.

You could email me.  John@SocialMedia305.com  for detailed information.    

 A bit of my history  …. Elements of my professional life | a perfect match …

My 15+ years of sales experience, thank you to wall street, plus my natural connection and enthusiasm for social media networking,
WHICH = the ability to generate “Super Qualified Leads“. | IRT.

My ‘real’ sales career began in 96′, I introduced stock brokers to qualified buyers, became the broker in 97′ and been working smart ever since.

Now, we have access to so much more, creating the strongest client relations in history, giving us real-time strategies and unbelievably Faster results.  

Today’s opportunity to network on a global scale, to target a conversation, a keyword, takes some dedication, I can offer some true guidance and results that keep this all simple and allow you to work smartly.

You can always email me for details.

A super qualified lead in today’s world means that we are “being welcomed into conversations” and when we approach a ‘Client‘, we’re not coming from left-field off the street, we are joining into a current conversation that they/him/her are already having … you see? 

You already know that we, consumers, clients, customers are mobile.

Through the professional use of Social Media we can continually communicate with clients and prospects for real service referrals and high quality professional relationships.

I will show you a number of ways to maintain and generate “Super Qualified Leads

– with-out worrying about your social media presence .  

Call me at 305-710–2273.


If I can’t optimize your social media strategy …
then we won’t. No Cost to you.
“You will not find any banner ads or websites offering this … This is me teaching YOU to FIND YOUR perfect customer & future clients …

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